Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt is an attorney whose practice is restricted to criminal law. As a lifelong resident of Huntsville, AL., she has spent her entire adult life in the criminal justice system. After graduating from Sparkman High, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt went to work for the Madison County Sheriff Department while attending Calhoun Community College in the evenings and raising a child as a single mother.

Upon graduating from Calhoun Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice studies, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt was employed by Madison County as a probation officer. During her time employed as a probation officer, she also attended Athens State College in the evenings, graduating with a BS in Criminal Justice.

As a probation officer, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt experienced firsthand the unfairness of the criminal justice system, especially when directed towards the indigent and minority. It was this desire to balance the scales of justice that led to her eventual quest to obtain her law degree. That quest led Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt to graduate from the Birmingham School of Law.

In 2006, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt retired after 25 years with the County and opened her solo practice, dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal law. During her time in private practice, she contracted with the City of Huntsville for eighteen months to represent the City’s Municipal Court indigent clients.

Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt has tried scores of cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to capital murder. This experience has reinforced her belief that racial disparities in the criminal justice system still exist. A recent ABC NEWS/WASHINGTON POST poll (2015) showed that only one in 10 white Americans said they personally had a specific instance when they felt discriminated against by the police because of their race. But a majority of blacks (56%) said they had personally felt discriminated against by police at some point in time.

As an advocate FOR THE ACCUSED, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt has always been a strong voice for her clients. Having experienced racial disparity in the court system up close and personal with family members as well as with clients, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt has dedicated her practice to being a well prepared advocate FOR THE ACCUSED.

Often when clients are looking for legal representation in a criminal case they are seeking an attorney that will “guarantee” the outcome before even taking on the case. Because judges, prosecutors, juries and even defendants are so unpredictable in a court setting, Dorothy Hammonds Schmidt will never give you a “guarantee”, and if that is what you are looking for she is not the attorney for you.

If, however, you are looking for someone who will give you an honest, straight forward review of your situation, work your case with a purpose and fight for you in court for the best outcome, call today for your FREE CONSULTATION : 256-533-3220.


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